Brick Dino’s are coming to Bristol – Welcome to the Amazing world of Brick.

by Rob H

Coming to Bristol for the first time – the amazing Brick Dinos event!

Step back in time with LEGO® Dinosaurs. Only at Future Artists Studios, Bristol, from October 22nd 2021.

Enter the Jurassic period like never before and meet the dinosaurs face to face, each one masterfully built using LEGO®bricks.

Working in close collaboration with a palaeontologist, artist Warren Elsmore and his team have masterfully recreated some of the largest beasts to ever walk this earth in LEGO form! Come face to face with dinosaurs from the air, sea and land. See for yourself the spectacular creatures that once roamed the Earth millions of years ago.

From tiny insects to a raptor-like masiakasaurus that’s four metres long, Brick Dinos has been built in consultation with a leading palaeontologist to ensure all models are as accurate as possible based on current knowledge. A Crocodile-like Sarcosuchus lurks in a Cretaceous swamp. Herds of Diplodocus graze a Jurassic forest. There are LEGO recreations of fossils, dinosaur skeletons in museums, and paleontological digs. A life-sized pterosaur hangs overhead, and large models are brought to life with lighting effects and sound.

Click here for more information and book tickets.

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