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#OCCUPYMEDIA: One Film Versus The World.

The Lost Generation.





They occupied Wall Street. NY. DC, Chicago. London.


…What if they occupied the media?


New Manchester film The Lost Generation is the UK’s newest feature film to be released independently – at the end of the world – on the 20th December 2012, which takes a searing look at freedom, cyberwarfare and our idea of celebrity.





“Think of a law. She’s broken it. Think of a crime. She’s committed it. Sarah Jane (SJ) signs up to the ultimate reality TV show.


The rules are simple. Kill your opponent, stay at the top of the leader board, win 10 million pounds.


Fail, and you’re dead.


Set in a dystopic present-day world, public executions have come back into vogue – only with a gory, reality-TV twist. The Lost Generation exists in a world governed by a corrupt media who have the police in their pocket. Able to scandalise the government at the drop of a phone, the media creates propaganda on how to live a life – and left desperate civillians in its wake.


But there is hope.


They are called The Unknown.


An underground movement, fragmented youth in revolt, rebels with a cause, are waiting for the right moment to strike back…The Unknown rescue SJ from her certain fate. Despite being part of the walking dead, SJ is taken away and shown a world where choice is a possibility. But the only problem, is, she will have to become the evil she is trying to escape.


In an epic finale, SJ, once the hunted in a reality TV show, now becomes the hunter and those that created her will be her final victims.”






Director and producer Mark Ashmore, based his main character SJ on the idea of reality TV stardom – taken to a gory and violent extreme while her foil character, Blair, is based on activists within the underground occupy movements.


“SJ gets hired to kill bankers, MPs: The Lost Generation, it’s a revenge movie; and the idea is that by using all the villains of today’s society, we’ll have the audience cheering in the aisles,” says Ashmore.


“Imagine that a producer was let loose in a world where there aren’t enough new ideas…Taking on twisted visions of a nihilistic media corporation – with everyone thrown to the lions. So this is the extreme of a saturated media environment.”


Contestants in the game become unknowing rats in a maze, forced to break the law and exploited completely by a TV producer fixated by cash, ratings and recognition.


The universal themes of the individual; fear, government doublethink, and especially ideological and covert control have persevered throughout film and literature and can be seen in many 20th century thrillers – science-fiction of course – and even popular novels like The Da Vinci Code contain traces of these ideas. And they’re themes that are pervasive in this film.


The occupation of this film is one of existing within the framework of the media.


By blurring documentary footage from the riots, the Arab Spring and the biggest union march in Manchester, UK…  with the Thriller – and suddenly you have a tale of drama, cruelty and rebellion about the gladiatoresque voyeurism of disposable entertainment, recklessly chewing through the minds and aspirations of its contestants and viewers.


The Lost Generation is aimed at an adult audience within the era of the Occupy movement – featuring documented footage from real protests in UK cities – as part of the movie.


Victoria Connett, who plays SJ, says of her character: “A young woman took on something that was bigger than she expected. She’s joined up with a cast on a reality TV show – and she’s taken on more than she can handle. She has to prove herself. But all the time she’s thinking – why has she signed up for this? What was her motivation?”


The Lost Generation. Let the payback begin.




A film by Mark Ashmore

Produced by Future Artists




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