Record Store Day Official Film : Last Shop Standing

by Asha

The news just keeps on coming – our friend and fellow film pioneer Pip Piper (who some of you might remember was a guest at last years Future Artists Film and Media Festival )- has this little gem to share with you – his film ‘Last Shop Standing’ is the OFFICIAL FILM FOR RECORD STORE DAY ON APRIL 20TH!

Well done Pip and the team! 


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‘Last Shop Standing – The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop’

Based on the bestselling book of the same name by Graham Jones, Last Shop Standing documents the story of that much-beloved but tragically endangered British institution: the independent record shop.

The highly praised film features music from independent bands, was financed by independent music fans and is made by an independent film company. We are proud that Last Shop Standing is the official film of Record Store Day 2013 which takes place on April 20th.

Brillant” 5 stars Q    “See the film you will laugh and cry” 4 stars Record Collector

“Last Shop Standing is more than just a film about collecting records. It’s about passions, and people caring about what they love. It is a story about records, and some other very important things.”  

Johnny Marr, Musician

Record Shops all over the world are organising screenings of the film on the run up to RSD. So far over 80 record shops have organised their own screenings.

Blue Hippo Media and Proper Music Publishing are delighted to announce three monumental steps in the ongoing journey of the film:

  • We have secured a broadcast deal with Sky Arts that will see the film aired on two prime time slots tied in with Record Store Day. Scheduled for Friday 19th April at 9pm and Saturday 20th April at 5pm.
  • A new Deluxe edition of the DVD will be released at the same time. Beware – there are Deluxe editions and there are Deluxe editions! This is the real deal with an extra 74 minutes of footage including extended interviews with Johnny Marr, Richard Hawley, Billy Bragg ,Paul Weller Sid Griffin and others, along with record shop owners telling funny anecdotes about life behind the record shop counter. None of this will be shown on the TV broadcast and is exclusive to the DVD. The physical DVD will be available initially only through independent record shops taking part in Record Store Day 2013.
  • At the same time the Deluxe edition will be launched in Canada and the USA through our friends at Conveyor and MVD with the USA premiere being held across the country in independent record shops during the week before RSD.

We have a special screening of the film at the famous Curzon Soho cinema at 6.30pm on the 18th April with an intro and QA with the filmmakers and special guest musician from the film.

For further information on other screenings and access to high res stills of the film go to

For interviews contact Pip Piper (Director) on 07525 780393 or Graham Jones (Author) on 07721 507608

“Last Shop Standing- The Rise, Fall and Rebirth of the Independent Record Shop”
Best 10 DVDs of 2012: Q Magazine
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