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by Asha

A Future Artists project mark ashmore

Its January 2014, Manchester is being battered by snow, wind and rain, and the Future Artists media collective are huddled around our laptops, not keeping warm (The Sharp Project, has climate controlled heating) but plotting and planning for 2014 – Ok we are in the pub (see above image!)

As a Media Collective with a co-operative ethos we are always open to new people joining our ranks, if the project can accommodate you.

In previous years, we have used social media, word of mouth and people turning up at the studio as a recruitment tool for the collective, but this time, this year, we thought we would get professional, as we have a well busy and well scheduled year ahead of us, we thought it best, to post up some of the cornerstone projects we will be working on this year and how to get involved, or apply for freelance work, work experience etc.

Please only use the asked for modes of contact below – calling our cell phones, e-mailing our private e-mails and stopping us in the street won’t work this year – as we are all about time management 🙂

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Project 1

dailymotion vs future artists

Dailymotion have commissioned Future Artists to produce a 6 part ‘Original sci fi’ web series start date Feb 2014.

Dailymotion are Europe’s No1 Website, with millions of views a week.

Details of the series, casting calls, writers calls and crew calls, will go out first via our mailing list, and then onto our social media Facebook and Twitter – if you are not already following us, or are signed up to the mailer, then please do so.

We will also open a dedicated blog page on this site, and also on Dailymotion in due course, so please keep checking back and spread the word.


Project 2

‘Home of Future Artists – Manchester’

home of future artists 2013

After the success of our 18 month residency at the Black Lion from sept 2011 to Jan 2013 (We created a theatre, cinema and production space for 5 creative companies and hosted over 100 productions, 4 festivals and ran the kitchen for a 3 month stint as well!) and the triumph of creating the ‘Honesty Cafe’ concept for global idea’s festival ‘Future Everything’ in march 2013, and with the knowledge gained by creating the ‘Stewy – Northern Souls’ street art exhibition at Manchester’s Great Northern in dec 2013 (did you see us on BBC news!!!) – we felt it was about time that we owned up to the fact that we wanted our own space, in the greatest city in the world ‘Manchester’ named after our media collective.

In October 2013 – Future Artists was approached by the Royal Society of Arts to take part in a Kickstarter for a project of our choice – this Kickstarter would be supported by 23,000 fellows, a full media package and loads of other stuff – and so it was decided to put a plan into action.

More details on this will follow very soon, and this project will be ran via  ‘Future Artists live creative co-op’ as a not for profit community co-op venture, which means, if you help build it, you will benfeit directly from it.

The Future Artists Live creative co-op is ran by a board, nominated by its membership – with any profits derived by activities going into the community chest to be spent on its members and also on projects nominated by them, established in 2010, in its first year it attracted over 50 members, generating over £11,000 which was spent on educational events and upskilling of the community and buying equipment such as a PA system, chairs and PR materials and also helped build the Black Lions cinema and theatre spaces – The board members also helped create co-ops in Uganda and Lagos Nigeria, and members have since formed there own workers co-ops, ran as social enterprise business to benefit there local communities.

Future Artists are looking forward to telling the world about this radical new way of transforming high-streets around the UK, generating capital for education, health and idea’s – for more information, please sign up to our mailer, or e-mail Info@futureartists.co.uk – with subject ‘ Home of Future Artists’ 

Project 3 

Project Lost Generation

mark ashmore future artists lost generation

http://www.projectlostgeneration.co.uk – those of you who have been following Future Artists will know that the media collective recently completed its debut feature film ‘The Lost Generation’ – full details of this film, the trailer and how to book it, watch it and share it, can all be found on the website.

The Film is released into retail the UK in Sainsburys, Lovefilm, Amazon and HMV on February 17th 2014, and can be watched via future artists video on demand now via the films website.

With the American theatrical release following in summer 2014 – Some of the team will be at the Cannes film festival in May promoting the film and also at screenings across the UK in 2014.

The Film will also be promoted at various Comic-cons and Horror conventions across the UK and Europe throughout 2014/15 so if you attend them, come and say hi!

We look forward to sharing our film with you – to get involved with this project head over to http://www.projectlostgeneration.co.uk – we are also running workshops on how to make films, the future artists way, click here for more info

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