About Us

Welcome to the world of Future Artists… our motto is ‘Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible’ Frank Zappa…

Future Artists are now firmly established as one of the Europes leading digital content producers and providers of immersive entertainment, with many ‘firsts’ under our belts. To see a full list of our projects visit the Projects section.

The company was founded as an art collective in May 2009 in the white heat of the biggest financial crisis the world had ever seen, and has grown ever since – the art collective spirit and tendency to create trends and new ideas, is what sets Future Artists apart from the average content/marketing / creative agency… we do quite a lot, and everything we do is handled in house and is bespoke to a client’s needs + we also produce our own work to our own fan base.. and the best thing is, we are set up as a virtual studio… I think we invented the term!

We have over 10 years of experience and have multiple awards, and are usually a hit with critics and fans alike!

So what can we offer you?

Social Media Content Creation and Strategy

Simply put, you are telling a story. If you are wanting to connect with anyone under the age of 70, then you need to understand social media, and why a strategy is required to achieve goals, which is researched with and backed up with data and not backed up with the opinion of the office… upon this strategy, production of content (audio, visual, written, VR) is required to convey a message and start a dialogue with your audience – the better the story, the better the ROI.

Creating tribes and community’s is what we do!

Here’s a quick case study…

At Future Artists we created our own event, History of Video Games – the name says it all, we used social media to connect with family’s who love video games, we popped up in numerous empty shops across the UK, we sold lots of tickets, and we built up a huge fan base – this startup is now a core business for us, and we see ourselves as community ambassadors for our community, they help choose the games and curate our events, we put them on and they pay to support us.

Social media is more than Facebook – that is just a tool. Learn how to use the hammer to build your house.

Animation and Game Design (Including VR and AR design)

Future Artists Immersive Arts Labs has been running for over 4 years (see our video here), and we realised that we had an amazingly talented group of animators and game designers, who had been winning awards, and so we supported them with setting up an animation and game design studio… their first client… The BBC!!!!!

So if you are looking for animation marketing content, or short-form animation content to get your message across, then we have a boutique agency ready to collaborate with you – from story, character and script design, through to delivery and distribution, we offer a one-stop-shop service – all we need is a brief – call Mark today for information on this new service on 07762563552 or email.

Event Creation

We are known for our events.

Be it History of Video Games, ‘Lookout’ our Immersive theatre and VR project with the BBC, or our critically acclaimed comedy-drama ‘Skank’, or ‘The Amazing World of Brick’ our Lego event, and in 2020 we launched our ‘Immersive Drive-in Cinema Event’ – as a creative community, we have the ability to create to a brief, a budget or help you, grow an idea…. our producers are on hand to help you realise your vision. Contact Mark to discuss or download an info PDF for more detail.

Some of our clients include

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