Noel Gallagher’s High flying Birds, The Smiths, Oasis, Ian Brown, New Order and many more feature in This exclusive multimedia exhibit with never before seen photographs of some of the greatest bands of all time!

The exhibition takes place across two floors (Stair access for the basement), 2000sqft of musical archive, audio clips, films and interviews, and even a 1980s Teenagers bedroom for the full nostalgic experience.

Future Artists Studios is a new platform for creative entrepreneurs, A place on a map, a space in the city and an environment to grow. We have decided that ‘Co-working’ space needs to be re-invented, even though this concept is quite new, ‘co-working’ is being talked about as the future of the workplace, we think […]

Future Artists – Conference / Talks and Workshop Information Introduction To Future Artists & Mark Ashmore FRSA TO BOOK E-MAIL INFO@FUTUREARTISTS.CO.UK ‘SUBJECT: TALKS’ Future Artists was founded in 2009, with a mission to be an artist-led film studio – inspired in part by the company, United Artists, founded by Charlie Chaplin and LucasFilm founded by […]

Across the world, power has fallen into the hands of those who wish to manipulate and control.

Corporations pursue economic gains at the detrimental expense of social, environmental and ethical concerns. Governments treat their own people as merely a statistic, and human rights are sold for a price that cushions the back pockets of the 1% untouchables. How do we claim our freedom back?

Future Artists proudly presents Drowned City, winner of Best UK Documentary at the London International Film Festival. Directed by Faith Millin, this gripping and intimate portrait of London’s pirate radio scene reveals the interesting lives of significant members of the pirate community and uncovers the risks taken and passion devoted in getting their sounds to the people. You can watch Drowned City today at via iTUNES

The space aims to provide a much needed mid-size venue for production companies in Manchester, and give a high-level of marketing support to independent North West talent. We aim to take away the barriers of a ‘theatre’ environment and engage new audiences with risk-taking, immersive productions, quality writing and brilliant showcase evenings.

Chasing The Sun: Oasis 1993-1997 – An exhibition of iconic band photography and rare memorabilia, running from Friday 18th July (opening night) until Sunday 16th August at the Home of Future Artists, The Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester.

What if a coffee shop was able to generate £100,000 a year in grants that will enable a community to grow – enabling exploration of the arts and sciences, benefiting health and well being, and being a space to meet, share and create…

It’s that time of year again when we bring projects to a close, look back on past achievements and re-evaluate our future goals. 2013 has been a year of graft and hard work at Future Artists, and following the success of our recent pop-up Stewy exhibition and release of our new film The Lost Generation, we are definitely closing on a high.

BOOK NOW – Future Artists are a media collective and co-operative network, as part of our pledge to help ‘Manchester’ become a global digital city, and boost the creative industries in our region we have created a series of workshops and masterclasses, at Future Artists we are committed to nurturing new talent.

Throughout 2013-2014 we will be bringing to ‘The Sharp Project’ in Manchester, a series of industry master classes to help you achieve your ambitions as a creative, storyteller or digital business.

Two years on from the riots that shook London, Dailymotion, the world’s second largest video portal, will exclusively screen the online premier of Riot from Wrong – a critically acclaimed documentary telling the unreported story of the 2011 London Riots from the viewpoint of the young people affected by them.

Future Artists are proud to present – RIOT FROM WRONG ***WATCH NOW / BOOK A SCREENING***

‘One thing I learned from Riot From Wrong is that 14 young people can get closer to the truth than 90% of working journalists’. Everyone in the UK who has ever expressed an opinion on the riots (namely everyone) needs to see this as soon as possible.

Dan Hancox / Guardian Newspaper

with an impressive client list building each month, including Channel 4, M&Saatchi, England football foundation and Endemol, things are looking good in east Manchester for the Future Artists media collective.

‘The Beatles Hamburg Documentary’ – which will take an in-depth look into the formative years of ‘The Beatles’, the project also aim’s to shed and try to understand the process of The Beatles creativity and process behind this – it all started in Hamburg.

Future Artists on demand – bringing you the best films that celebrate the zeitgeist – we are watching SOUND IT OUT – Tucked just off the high street in Stockton-on-Tees, Sound It Out Records is one of the last surviving vinyl record shops struggling to keep afloat in the face of recession and changes in technology. A cultural haven in one of the most deprived areas in the UK, this is a distinctive, funny and intimate portrait of the North, its men and the irreplaceable role music plays in our lives.

rank’s a hard man in a dirty old town. Loan shark and poker player, owner of the infamous Ace of Spades Night Club in Paradise Heights. He’s taken on some of the hardest of adversaries, they’ve all ended up broken…or buried. But tonight, he’s taking on his toughest opponent of all…himself.

Last Shop Standing inspired by the book of the same name by Graham Jones takes you behind the counter to discover why nearly 2000 record shops have already disappeared across the UK. The film charts the rapid rise of record shops in the 1960?s / 70s and 80’s, the influence of the chart, the underhand deals, the demise of vinyl and rise of the CD as well as new technologies.

Future Artists Film and Media festival is a collaborative project bringing together a selection of both emerging and established entrepreneurs in the industries. We aim to explore the new ways of storytelling through film and media with those that are pushing the boundaries

Regional Premiere ‘Call Me Kuchu’
FRIDAY 3RD NOV – 7.30PM £6

In an unmarked office at the end of a dirt track, veteran activist David Kato labors to repeal Uganda’s homophobic laws and liberate his fellow lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender men and women, or “kuchus.” But David’s formidable task just became much more difficult. A new “Anti-Homosexuality Bill” proposes death for HIV-positive gay men, and prison for anyone who fails to turn in a known homosexual. Inspired by American evangelicals who have christened Uganda ground zero in their war on the “homosexual agenda,” the Bill awaits debate in Uganda’s Parliament. Meanwhile, local newspapers have begun outing kuchus with vicious fervor under headlines such as: “HOMO TERROR! We Name and Shame Top Gays in the City.”

David, Uganda’s first openly gay man, is one of the few who dare to publicly protest state-sanctioned homophobia. Working with an idiosyncratic clan of fellow activists, David fights Uganda’s government and tabloids in the courts, on television, and at the United Nations. Because, he insists, “if we keep on hiding, they will say we’re not here.”

Throughout the festival we will look at how technology has changed the story telling relationship with the audience. Future Artists have curated two days of workshops and screenings focused on giving you the tools, the knowledge and the confidence to become a successful indie film-maker.

Join us at our one year review festival, running from Monday 1st October 2012 to Sunday 7th October 2012

We decided to call the festival ‘Not Part of the Bullingdon Club‘ – we hope you understand why….? if you dig this, come and say hi.

7 days, 8 unique events, powered by the entreupernship, creativity and talent of the creative co-op that resides in and outside the Black Lion.

Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal makes it on Daily Motion’s front page – getting a record 100 views in 20 minutes!
Future Artists is delighted to be offering viewers the chance to see the film, Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal – for a limited period only – on Daily Motion. Smyth provides a no-holds-barred look into the world of street art and performance in the groundbreaking documentary movie, Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal.

Friendship, First Loves, Rebellion!
1974; during a violent miners’ strike in a quiet Northern village a teenage
artist meets a gorgeous new girl from London but their attempts to escape
make him betray his family, community and best friends. With political
protests and communities straining under a crumbling economy the film is
relevant for today and it’s an uplifting and soulful mix of cool 1970s
styles, romance, teenage rebellion and gritty social realism.

—– Think its time to wise up, behind the scenes of ‘Project Lost Generation’ A few thoughts in a time of crisis by Director/Producer Mark Ashmore This week saw the whole of western capitalist economy stood on the edge of the noise. The barking and shouting was not coming from the people, the workers, no, […]

Welcome to Future Artists Live creative co-op, this is a group, forum and open space dedicated to creating a diverse and progressive relationship between artists and audience, between creative thinkers and business… its a live an active space for all you future artists to use as a tool to communicate and ‘meet up’ in.

THE INVISIBLE CIRCUS: No Dress Rehearsal enquires @Futureartists on twitter     Welcome to the ‘Greatest show never seen’ the mysterious world of an invisible circus, on the fringes of society, hidden away in Bristol’s underground art scene. JOIN US!!!!!!! HERE Invisible Circus : No Dress Rehearsal Genre: Documentary (Arts), Runtime : 98min Director: […]


BREAKING NEWS!!!!! (April 1st 2011) The news leaked out in typical social media style last night on Twitter (@Futureartists) that we are to be working with Naomi Smyth on a unique distribution model for her latest film ‘Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal’ Mark from Future Artists commented ‘We found the film via twitter, someone […]