We’re Backing An Indie For The Oscars: WRINKLES The Movie

by Asha

From the independent films that we make – to the ones we support and love from across the world: Future Artists is proud to be backing a brilliant Oscar contender, WRINKLES!

WRINKLES is a gorgeous, traditional 2D animation from Spain. It’s based on Paco Rosa’s multi-award winning graphic novel, Arrugas (Wrinkles); and is brought to life by director Ignacio Ferreras (The Illusionist) and producer Manuel Cristóbal (The Living Forest).


Emilio (Alavro Cervantes) is a retired bank manager. Taciturn, brave and observant – but suffering from the first stages of Alzheimer’s, he is placed into a care home. It’s not long before he discovers who his new family is – the mischievous, fast-talking roommate Miguel (Tacho Gonzalez) and the kind-hearted Antonia (Mabel Rivera, The Orphange). Together, they strive to protect their dignity and prove their freedom.

This independent movie from animation house Perro Verde is currently up against the likes of major players – Rango, Arthur Christmas and Puss In Boots. If you’re a part of Future Artists, a fellow indie or someone who just appreciates thoughtful, gorgeous, tender film (…and you are and do all these things because, hey, you’re reading this page) – then become a part of this great campaign! All you have to do is get liking and sharing the Facebook campaign page – and if you want to review it, contact Jane.

Have a look at the trailer here:

Creatively ambitious and unflinchingly honest, WRINKLES is Europe’s finest current example of how the power of animation displays that classic battle: the one against our own fears – and how it’s the one which helps us grow the most.

Best Animated Feature is always a fiercely-contested category between the arthouses, major production companies and independent collaborations. It’s almost impossible to predict year from year – the Academy is particularly renowned for suprising everyone at surprise intervals – which, we believe,  is always a good thing.

Future Artists is proud to be supporting Spain’s most significant offering. WRINKLES, or Arrugas in its native Spanish is currently longlisted for best Animated Feature.

WRINKLES is already the subject of excellent review by Screen Daily, world-famous The Hollywood Reporter, the gloriously geeky Ropes of Silicon, Spain’s premier broadsheet El Pais, and a personal hero of ours, Peter Bradshaw from The Guardian.

Here’s a particularly moving scene from the film.

‘Orient Express’ from WRINKLES (2012)

by Jane McConnell, publicist

janemcconn [at] g mail [dot] com

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