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by Asha


Let the Lost Generation film #Occupy your media-  Upload Step-By-Step and make some £££


Let the culture jamming begin!


Future Artists is very proud and excited to announce the highly anticipated upcoming release of The Lost Generation, our first feature film from debut director, Mark Ashmore. The gripping political thriller is set for release this autumn, with a widespread tour of theatrical screenings alongside the VoD digital release online.


Heavily influenced by true events of occupy movements and protests across the UK over the past 3 years, The Lost Generation portrays a very entertaining yet relevant depiction of our current media and society. We are invited to follow SJ – the inspiration female lead, on an epic fight for survival in a dystopian presentation of our present-day world.

The Lost Generation exists in a world governed by a corrupt media who have the police in their pocket. Able to scandalise the government at the drop of a phone, the media creates propaganda on how to live a life – and leaves desperate civilians in its wake. But there is hope. They are called The Unknown.

Future Artists have enabled thousands of film fans to be part of the story from the idea stage, with fans contributing to the writing, filming and funding of the project. With a Twitter trend already in action in advance of the film’s release, viewers and fans are becoming Lost Generation ambassadors and coming together to #occupymedia. The Future Artists are in control now.

#occupymedia with us by helping us to distribute this film. Become an affiliate and earn yourself an extra income by receiving 25% of the payment from each download! Here’s how:



1. Scroll to the top of this page

2. see the video distrify player and click on the SHARE or EMBED links on the top right corner

3. Sign up to Distrify by entering your email address and clicking on CONTINUE

4. COPY the embed code of link into your blog, website or social media page and SEND it to EVERYONE you know

5. If someone pays to download The Lost Generation from your link, you will receive 25% of their payment

  1. To get your money and see your sales, log in to Distrify and click Income from the drop-down menu under your name. Withdraw your money where you see Request Withdrawal at the bottom of the Income Report.
  2. Easy!
  3. and below are some posters and behind the scenes video for you to cut and paste and make that website look great! thanks for helping is #occupymedia

    Future Artists Film School – How to make ‘THE… by futureartists

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