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by Asha

At future artists we like to champion new talent and independent film-makers – we are proud to announce that Andy Simpson director / producer behind Young ‘Hearts Run Free’ has this for you!



'Young Hearts Run Free' 

Friendship, First Loves, Rebellion! 
1974; during a violent miners' strike in a quiet Northern village a teenage 
artist meets a gorgeous new girl from London but their attempts to escape 
make him betray his family, community and best friends. With political 
protests and communities straining under a crumbling economy the film is 
relevant for today and it's an uplifting and soulful mix of cool 1970s 
styles, romance, teenage rebellion and gritty social realism. 

Check out the trailer:  www.youngheartsrunfreefilm.com 

This micro-budget success story was made on a tiny budget of under £10k 
with money saved from part-time jobs but it has grabbed national press 
attention (***Total Film, 'Heartfelt' The Guardian), has won festival 
awards in Britain, USA and India and has been released in cinemas all 
around the UK. It's now available on DVD and Online. 

Watch the film at www.youngheartsrunfreefilm.com 
The DVD is packed full of special features on making the film and is priced 
at £8.50. You can also Download the film for £6.99 or stream it online for 
just £3.99! It's well worth taking a look. Additionally the lovely 
soundtrack, mixing traditional folk with glam rock and soul, is available 
on iTunes (£7.99). www.youngheartsrunfreefilm.com 

The team can also offer free advice on low budget filmmaking and 
distribution so get in touch with [email protected] 

Thank you for your support. Hope you enjoy the film. 

Andy Mark Simpson 
'Young Hearts Run Free' 
Bede Films Ltd 
Twitter @YoungHeartsFIlm 

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