Dailymotion to exclusively screen alternative take on the London Riots

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Dailymotion to exclusively screen alternative take on the London Riots

RIOT FROM WRONG – Awarding Winning Doco on… by futureartists

Online video site provides platform to tell the hidden story of the riots


Two years on from the riots that shook London, Dailymotion, the world’s second largest video portal, will exclusively screen the online premier of Riot from Wrong – a critically acclaimed documentary telling the unreported story of the 2011 London Riots from the viewpoint of the young people affected by them.


riot from wrong vs future artists


Riot from Wrong, presented by Future Artists and produced by Fully Focused Productions, follows 14 passionate young Londoners who felt frustrated at the lack of honesty from the police and media regarding in their dealings with the riots.


The group picked up a camera sought out some answers to questions like what caused the riots in the first place, and could they happen again? It asks how the young people swept up in it felt about being dismissed by the police and media and labelled ‘vandals’ and ‘hooligans’ and the effect this labelling is having on a generation.


Mark Ashmore Founder of Future Artists, say: “At the time people were scared and understandably reacted emotionally. But two years later we have the opportunity to reappraise the events and take a more rational view. This is the perfect time to make this film widely available.”


“Modern social media like Dailymotion allows us to bypass the traditional media that got this so wrong in the first place and tell different sides of the story – so that those who care about the issues can get a more balanced picture.”


Dailymotion will have the film online for one week, the first time it will be available publicly free of charge. The film has previously been screened at a variety of independent venues, including schools and universities, where it has created a powerful impact.


Michael Mansfield QC, a human rights lawyer who has represented victims of police errors, including Stephen Lawrence and Jean Charles De Menezes, says: “This film breaks the mould of conventional perceptions peddled by the mainstream media. It opens doors that have remained firmly closed on a generation which feels disenfranchised and disempowered. Made by young people at street level who have access and credibility, not by pontificating pundits. It is set to become an historic and definitive document. A resource which should be viewed by all those who care about the restoration of an inclusive and effective democracy.”


March Eychenne, Head of International Content for Dailymotion, adds: “The deal highlights how independent content creators are increasingly looking to social media to distribute their content. This is not a slick overproduced documentary designed to make as much money as possible, it is an honest film created by people who genuinely care about this issue. Dailymotion has always been a platform to allow creative people to tell their stories through video, and this is a perfect example of how we can help independent artists and raise awareness of important issues.”


Ashmore concludes: “There was a time when independent content producers were hamstrung by TV and cinemas and the only way to break even was to make popular, low brow content. The advent of social media and particularly sites like Dailymotion which go out of their way to support independent content producers, means that hard hitting high brow content can be distributed effectively within affordable budgets. This is good news for those who are politically engaged and lament the lack informed, quality investigative journalism.”


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