Out of your mind in debt – Project Lost Generation 1/10

by Asha


Think its time to wise up, behind the scenes of ‘Project Lost Generation’

A few thoughts in a time of crisis by Director/Producer Mark Ashmore

This week saw the whole of western capitalist economy stood on the edge of the noise.

The barking and shouting was not coming from the people, the workers, no, it came from political parties from every corner of the world, each with an irremovable agenda, each with its own ideological mind set.

A mind set which is set like concrete, and will continue to set and spread until an ideological wall is created, and it will continue forth until negotiations break down, complete disarray through inaction and disagreement, its idea’s not people that are discussed in those places of democracy… when the people are sidelined it becomes an us and them scenario,

it is at this breaking point, we will see the rise of the right wing, re-emergence in fascism and tighter enforcement of state control to combat problems of its own creation, all for our own good though they will tell us, yeah whatever tea party of america!.

you will just have to choose what side you are on, very little room on the sidelines, a scary place indeed, stay liberal people! And speak easy, and this is all part of understanding what ‘project lost generation’ is?

Debt Crisis in the Euro zone, USA credit rating downgrade, double dip recession, national strikes, Nato attacks in Libya, continuing war in Afghanistan and post war Iraq, Climate Change and no more free education in the UK at University level, privatisation of the NHS, a coalition government (UK) and Millions of under 25 yearolds unemployed…

A Lost Generation….

A second wave crashing in on a weak economy or double dip recession, caused by a stock market crash, would bring another round of company failures, high street closures and huge job losses. Companies that tried to hold on to staff would have to let many go while the public sector still has many jobs to shed. Wages would fall even further behind inflation. As ever the young people suffer most, the near million already out of work joined by this summer’s school and college leavers: another 200,000 A-level students are predicted not to find university places this month.

But its OK? TV is here to save us, set to consume our day through transmedia platforms, from our plasma screen to our mobile, the weird hybrid of reality TV drama, like a soap opera but shot in real locations with real people, who improvise around a real script, showing nu-reality that is sold as reality, played out in your home, across your social network and in the street.

For you to consume, for you to think, that’s what its like,

a clouded vail

But its OK? TV is here to save us, everyone has talent, including you, by watching the talent shows you are saying to yourself, your inner monologue is chirping, ‘I could do better than that’ and you do, as next year, your at the front of the conveyor belt, waiting to be told you have talent, or you sing along to the winners download or CD at home, a cover of a cover version of a song, by an artist that originaly was a window onto a soul, now the words are a transaction between social control (make you feel good) and capitalism.

A clouded vail

But its OK? TV is here to save us, everyone is a chat show host, you know that person from that reality TV drama, or that reality TV house, Island or nearly was the apprentice but was voted off after episode 2 of 12, you know, they sit at a desk, on a sofa, sometimes they stand, they tell you what you should do, their opinion is rule of god, you must listen to them, why because they know best, and the product placement team make sure you do.

Advertising does not allow the media to express ‘problems’ or ‘issues’ and ‘Truth’ does not sell, as advertising pays for TV to survive, feel good reality made up TV must be made to feed the advertisers, so in turn they can feed us.

We are consumers, if we don’t consume, the debt crisis gets worse.

Feels like a gun to the head, stay dumb or the entire western capitalist system and your way of life collapses….

Its nicer with the head in the sand.

And so we must buy more stuff we don’t need, consume for resources we can’t replace and share nothing, as its important that the person buys their own lifestyle and shares nothing to the community around them, like your own self imposed gated community, your own self advertised prison cell, and you advertise this lifestyle every day on facebook.

View the world on TV you see this… View the world differently you have a chance….

Join us http://www.projectlostgeneration.co.uk

and help us figure out, how to take positive choices and work it out.

Collective media exploration, part story of a generation, part documentary of the times we have seen, and part game, its time the lost generation got a seat at the card table.

Just an idea? But we need you, the artists, the bloggers, the thinkers, the film-makers, citizen journalists, rock stars, actors and activists, to join forces, make a statement and command a voice….

be different?stay classy.



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