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Angel Investor sought

To take on the Hollywood machine.

Award winning and dynamic media collective Future Artists Digital LTD, with a stellar track record in business, are now a SEED EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) ready company,

And we are looking for a business angel investor to help us take on Hollywood,

But with a clever Future Artists twist.

SEED EIS means, 50% of each investment can be claimed back, via a tax rebate + a nice slice of a share holding in profitable and forward thinking company ‘Future Artists Digital’, and the added bonus of no capital gains to pay on any gains.

+ We work in the entertainment industry, so its always fun and never dull and have to go to Cannes Film Festival every year! its such a chore….!

 So why the advert!

Well that’s what we do, we work with our communities to unlock the potential.

Why do we need an Angel,

Well we have been really busy and created loads of business opportunities and we need a cool investor to help us unlock all the potential.

And because banks suck and don’t understand the audiences of the future.


the lost generation mark ashmore film

We just Sold our Debut feature film to ASDA who ordered 3000 units

In addition to sales to Amazon , LOVEFILM and a front page deal with iTunes.

+ Have a new media business model which will blow your socks off!

See the trailer, buy the film and order the DVD below.


We are working on a fan enabled Beatles project, telling the story of the Hamburg Beatles from 1960 to 1962 – We have all our interviewees in place and a massive fan base ready to help us out, and full support from the city of Liverpool and The Cavern Club – we now need to make the product and film.

Future Artists Vs THE MILL


Our Client base includes M&C Saatchi, Channel 4 and Manchester City Council we want to expand on this.

dailymotion vs future artists

We are also now official Dailymotion partners, Europe’s most watch video website, with a 12 film deal, meaning we get front page exposure on our works and shares in ad revenue + and in the pipeline web series commission!


A Future Artists project mark ashmore

And we are also exploring the possibilities of creating a ‘Future Artists’ retail destination that fuses Coffee house culture, Cinema and Art into a must see, destination.

For a chance to be part of what we are calling ‘Netflix’ with soul – creator and home to original digital content – please e-mail company director and founder and please introduce yourself and send your Linkedin profile and links to your work.

We will invite interested parties to a tour of Future Artists at our film studio home – The Sharp Project, Manchester in Late Sept / early October.

Google us and also here are a few links to gauge your interest.

Mark Ashmore CV –

Company Website

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