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by Asha

Drowned City Future Artists


 Future Artists proudly presents Drowned City, winner of Best UK Documentary at the London International Film Festival. Directed by Faith Millin, this gripping and intimate portrait of London’s pirate radio scene reveals the interesting lives of significant members of the pirate community and uncovers the risks taken and passion devoted in getting their sounds to the people.

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It is estimated that there are up to 50 pirate radio stations across London, with homemade aerials frequenting the many tower blocks across the city. Persevering under the very prominent threat of a maximum penalty of two years in prison and an unlimited fine as punishment for transmitting illegally on UK radio, Drowned City boldly portrays the passion and dedication behind keeping these stations on air and causes us to question what youth culture would be like without it.


Along with numerous artists who’ve made it to mainstream popularity via pirate radio exposure, there are also many London residents who rely on pirate radio stations as the beating heart of their community. This includes the Turkish and African populations, who would otherwise struggle to find their cultural tastes being met by commercial media. Criminal activity or creative expression, this film asks us, why would you want to stop pirate radio? Despite the constant police threats, many continue to risk their freedom in order to deliver their sounds to thousands of avid listeners.


For fans of any music genre, this film provides an entertaining view into a revolutionary world that is always heard but never seen. It is an inspirational reminder of the graft and commitment that artists, musicians and DJs alike put into their work simply for the love of music. In the words of pirate advocates Heartless Crew, “pirate is for the people”.


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