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Welcome to the feature film project

‘The Lost Generation’

and Transmedia exploration

‘Project Lost Generation’



Title : ‘The Lost Generation’

Director: Mark Ashmore

Producer : Mark Ashmore and Jenny Inchbald

Screenplay By : Dean Lines and Ray Bogdanovich

Studio : Future Artists LTD / Asha Film

Run Time: 80min

Release date: Summer 2012


The Lost Generation is an Action Sci-Fi thriller, set in the near future.

With the world in turmoil, governments and dictators are being overthrown by the will of the people,

the ultimate weapon is unleashed to control public anger, reality tv…

Our story unfolds as an evil media corporation is put in charge of ridding the streets of the filth, using reality tv stars as lone sheriffs with a license to kill, its here we meet SJ, but when the stakes in the game are changed to boost ratings and make mega millions, the hunter becomes the hunted, SJ is on the run, a bounty on her head, and with no rules, comes new responsibilities.

SJ learns she holds the key to bringing down this massive evil power and freeing up society, aided by a underground activist group called ‘The Unknown’… SJ leads a charge in a final and brutal battle to the death! its payback time for the lost generation, the reality is…. tune in or drop out.

You will like this…

If you are a fan of Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rondriquez, and Luc Besson movies, you will dig this, part exploitation film, part action thriller,  part reality tv show with balls!


‘Project Lost Generation’

So what is different about this feature film,

and what is transmedia?

Mark Ashmore (Director/ Producer)

The Lost Generation is a crowd sourced feature film project, the process began in October 2010, when a group of actors and film-makers met up in Manchester to discuss making a feature film project, based on the ethos and creativity/rules behind the ‘Mumblecore’ movement in America and Dogma 95 in northern europe. The group set ground rules for shooting the film, and started to workshop themes and ideas, this process led to a short film project entitled ‘The Lost Generation’ which was shot in January 2011.

About the process behind film ‘The Lost Generation’


The film making process was part of a test, for our newly established rules, we had 6 crew, 3 lights (kino/2 x red heads) shot on Canon 550 DSLR, with part script/ part improvised on set acting process, and the freedom of the entire twin cities of Manchester and Salford to play in, and a social network of over 10,000 people to call on to help with advice/locations/equipment etc, this was done so via twitter @futureartists using the tag #lostfilm during pre and production. After 3 days of shooting, 12 hour days, 10 actors, 6 crew, 12 locations and 20 minutes of screentime was created, with a budget of £1500 (an important rule of the film-making process was that each crew/actor got paid £50 per day as a minimum) – the rushes of the film where screened 2 weeks later to cast/crew and industry and they where of such high quality, the story telling and the acting so great, that it was decided to make a feature film, continuing with the same process.


Blogs on the Process so Far:


Jane Mcconnell interviews Director Mark Ashmore and Victoria Connett (plays SJ) here

Is this the birth of a new superhero? Mark Ashmore Blog spot on the creation of ‘The Lost Generation’ here

Buy me, f$$k me, kill me, the themes and ideas behind the project here

Victoria Connett – Acting Blogs – behind the scenes of playing SJ (Coming soon)


Making the feature film,

audience as collaborator and team member

+ story as transmedia

In a world where your audience is now connected to the storyteller by a click of a button, and with facebook video chat and twitter allowing for instant conversation, in a world where your audience has the tools and the skill base to make media, across the transmedia landscape (video, podcast, blogs, social media, etc) what does this mean for modern narrative liner feature film production, and what does this also mean for the transmedia story world experience.

These are BIG questions, ones that Producers Mark Ashmore and Jenny Inchbald have been exploring for the past 4 years, our process we will be sharing, but its the story of the Lost Generation, and how our collabrative audience will influence and take part in this story which we really want to share with you….. and you can start this from the genesis of the idea,

Join us on facebook, and be part of the revolution, become part of the unknown, and let the media fight back begin.

Audience Collaboration Group here

The Lost Generation Fan page here

Join us on Twitter @Projectlostgen

Or better still, and this is the easiest way to find out on community actions, meet ups, crew/ actor calls and be part of the audience production team, please sign up to the e-mailer here, we post every couple of weeks with updates. DIGITAL SPACE COMING SOON….

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