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Portal – Brand New Web-Series Exclusive

To Dailymotion, Out Now!

Portal – The Awakening Trailer – Portal Sci Fi… by futureartists

Portal – Exclusive Behind the scenes making of… by futureartists

Portal – Sunday – Episode 1 Season 1 – Future… by futureartists

Portal – Monday – Episode 2 Season 1 – Future… by futureartists

Portal – Episode 3 – Season 1 – Future Artists… by futureartists

Portal – Wednesday – Episode 4 Season 1… by futureartists

Portal – Thursday – Episode 5 Season 1 – Future… by futureartists

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Final Episodes 4 & 5 Out Now!!

The first series of Portal has finally reached its conclusion! The last two episodes, episode 4 and episode 5, are available to watch NOW on the Future Artists Dailymotion channel. Is Sophie’s life in Portal about to overspill into her real world? Will Frances find a way to help her patients? Just how tangled will noble Northerner John end up in this Portal business?

In Episode 4, John unveils a secret that could lead to revenge. Sophie’s plans lead to murder and Frances uncovers a disturbing truth.Watch it here now:

In Episode 5, the final episode, Sophie cashes out Cohen’s digital estate and plots revenge, while her real world trail hots up. John and Frances can’t decide on what path to take as John enters Portal. Watch it herenow:

Almost doubling since last week, Portal has now enjoyed absolutely incredible viewership figures of over 200,000! We hope for these figures to keep on rising as our fantastic fans, cast and crew members continue to push and share this project that we are so proud of. We are keen to add to the collection of reviews that are making their way around the web, so if any of you are or know keen bloggers and movie reviewers, please feel free to get in touch via Twitter @DmPortal or our Facebook page, Portal on Dailymotion. Previous reviews have described Portal as “very creepy and otherworldly; it feels one part medical and one part pagan, with users hidden under a certain garb which may resonate with horror fans…” – Brutal As Hell, and “distinct, bizarre yet compelling… Portal looks set to update and explore the technology’s implications with a modern, experimental edge… – Sci-Fi London. If you still haven’t had the chance to watch it, you’d better get started with episodes one & two and find out what everyone’s raving about!

The story doesn’t end here – we want to make series 2 happen, and won’t be able to do that without your help! So keep following for updates, and check back at our website to find out what happens next…!

Clayton Whitter future artists portal
Clay Whitter as John : Portal : Photo by Sophie Broadgate

There’s a brand new drug on the streets; one that requires you to enter a medical-induced coma before you can enjoy the full effects. With a good dose, you can escape the pressured drag of every day life, and step into a whole new reality of your choosing, remaining there for as long as you can afford it. The drug is known as Portal, and allows you to become anything you ever wanted to be; to live out your wildest fantasies at any point in time, in any space. Imagine having that portal to escape to.

But what if Portal, the most addictive virtual reality and social media space on earth, was banned. What if your portal to escape to was closed. How far would you go to get it back?


 Another World? – By Sam Highfield VFX

Future Artists proudly introduce their newest production, Portal, a six-part web-series available exclusively on Dailymotion from the 31st March 2015 – with a full feature film version released late summer 2015.

This is the first original scripted series to be released by the popular video platform, funded by Dailymotion and Screen Yorkshire,and highly anticipated by Dailymotions 250 million unique monthly users.

portal future artists chelsea edge

Chelsea Edge as Sophie – Portal – Photo by Sophie Broadgate 

Alter-realities have always been a popular sensation in modern society, from games such as The Sims to the global subculture of Cosplay. The concept of a virtual world as an accessible reality is boldly explored in this modern and unique drama series.

..If you want to know more, you will have to wait until the release on 31st March!

Hugo Heppell, Head of Investments at Screen Yorkshire says:”Future Artists have succeeded in creating a highly innovative and thought provoking drama, which we are sure will resonate with audiences worldwide. We are thrilled to be collaborating with Dailymotion to bring their first original web series to the screen, which also marks the first digital project produced with investment from Screen Yorkshire’s Yorkshire Content Fund.”

Stay ahead of the rest by keeping up with sneak peaks and teasers through our Facebook and Twitter pages, season 2 announcements will be made here too.
Portal – Photo by Sophie Broadgate

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