Welcome to Salford’s creative revolution @ Black Lion

by Asha

Welcome to  Salford’s very own Zoetrope studios (Francis Ford Coppola’s San Fransisco Studio!) to demonstrate the positive impact Salfordians are having as part of this new media city  – a unique venue that’s been involved with pretty much everything from Salford’s own art scene, to the Oscars, to Nashville musicians, hip-hop artists from LA… – and you probably have never heard of us!


SALFORD’S FUTURE ARTISTS our dedicated website for the BLACK LION HERE


From the outside, it’s a Victorian hotel that’s had a pub facelift. Inside – it’s Salford’s cultural powerhouse.


Reopened by Salford’s film studio Future Artists and seasoned landlord Barry Phillips, it’s quickly become the hub for independent film, theatre, music and comedy.


The Black Lion takes its cue from Francis Ford Coppola’s Zoetrope Studios – where the food and drink downstairs helps fund the venue’s vintage theatre upstairs, featuring a vast array of live art, film and music.


Salford’s Future Artists comprises of Mark Ashmore and Jenny Inchbald, a director-producer couple who also distribute the films of other directors.


Future Artists are looking forward to having the film, ‘Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal’ screened at this year’s Olympics – as well as LA and San Diego.



Highlights so far at The Black Lion


–       Future Artists campaigned for Arrugas, Goya-award winning and Oscar-long listed animation – from the Black Lion


–       Numerous screenings of independent films including Sound It OutBill Cunningham New York, Young Hearts Run Free as well as the classics, such as The Italian Job


–       Salford’s Hip Hop scene – attracting Donald D, a collaborator with Grandmaster Flash and Ice T all the way from the USA


–       Levi Weaver, an indie musician from Tennessee, Nashville supported by local act Fugitive Empire


–       Meteorically successful clubnight Bop Local


and also in production at the Black Lion / Future Artists


The Lost Generation: A Feature Film from Salford http://www.projectlostgeneration.co.uk



New Salford film The Lost Generation picks up where the ‘Hungar Games” feared to tread – at the end of the world – on the 20th December 2012, which takes a searing look at freedom, cyberwarfare and our idea of celebrity.


The Black Lion is one of the locations in the film, as well as being the home of Future Artists. The Lost Generation, is aimed at an adult audience within the era of the Occupy movement – featuring real, documented footage from protests in UK cities – as part of the storyworld in the movie.



“Think of a law. She’s broken it. Think of a crime. She’s committed it. Sarah Jane (SJ) signs up to the ultimate reality TV show.


The rules are simple. Kill your opponent, stay at the top of the leader board, win 10 million pounds.


Fail, and you’re dead.”


By blurring documentary footage from the riots, the Arab Spring and the biggest union march in Manchester, UK…  with the Thriller – and suddenly you have a tale of drama, cruelty and rebellion about the gladiatoresque voyeurism of disposable entertainment, recklessly chewing through the minds and aspirations of its contestants and viewers.

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