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by Asha

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(Foreword by Mark Ashmore FRSA – Creative Director and MD @ Future Artists – Pictured above)

Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible – Frank Zappa – This is the Future Artists mantra (est 2009)

As Future Artists get’s ready to celebrate its 5th Year as a media collective, We thought it was about time that we collected all our award winning and critically applauded content, and put it on one page, easily tweet-able and liked , to be shared to the masses!. – Please spend a few minutes reading and a few hours watching – enjoy!

Each film has a brief introduction by me, creative director Mark Ashmore, explaining why it is part of the Future Artists catalogue, and why we chose to champion it, some are FREE, some you will have to buy.

We hope that our passion for film and media that ‘Deviates from the norm’ will rub off on you. From activist documentaries like the award winning ‘Invisible circus : no dress rehearsal’ showing you what to do with all those empty buildings in your neighborhood to fiction films like ‘The Lost Generation’ which expose how our dependency on reality TV and social media can allow the authorities to maximize control.

We also have free to air content on our Youtube and Dailymotion channels, and partnerships with Dazed and Confused (coming soon) meaning that fans can access some of our work for free – you just have to watch the ads so we can pay the film-maker and support us!

Future Artists has been 5 years in the making, our dream has always been to bring personal, thought provoking and daring stories to the masses, giving you an alternative view point to the world, and in turn allowing the viewer to make up their mind into what the ‘Future’ should look and feel like.

We strongly believe that creativity and culture are the bedrock of our society – we love art, this is our passion – welcome to how our collective see the world.

Below you will find more information on….

Invisible Circus : No Dress Rehearsal – A film about creating theatre, pop ups and DIY culture (FREE)

The Lost Generation – Future Artists own feature film debut – a fiction film about reality tv gone mad! (£3.99+)

Riot from Wrong – hard-hitting documentary on why the biggest riots in UK living memory happened, and why it will happen again. (FREE)

Pan, Play, Decadence – Sex and expression – this poem to the fetish scene by Italian film-maker Giovanni Aloi (£9.99)

Youtube – the future of television – Why the indie kids are about to take over broadcast media. FREE


invisible circus film poster

Invisible Circus: No Dress Rehearsal – Naomi Smyth – 96min – 2011 (Dynamo Doc Best Film Award 2012)

Released into 20 Cinemas via Future Artists / Collectors edition DVD on Amazon and free to air on Dailymotion and Youtube. – Official website

You should watch Invisible Circus if you make theatre, film or any kind of DIY arts culture. The film shot over 3 years by female director Naomi Smyth charts the ups and downs and ‘lets just fucking do it’ optimism of the invisible circus, an arts and theatre collective from Bristol.

The film is a perfect example of fly on the wall doco making, Naomi is so close to her participants that she actully takes part in some of the shows and becomes part of this circus, this genuine closeness gives this doc an inwards out perspective, meaning we see the inner workings of a group of artists who want to build the perfect city for themselves, regardless of budgets and time.

A perfect film for those starting out in creative business, or for those wanting to pursue a career in theatre – this film is about the hard graft and back breaking labour that goes into ‘creativity’ and not a shoreditch coffee shop insight.

Watch for free here and if you like it, why not buy the Limited edition DVD from us here and support Naomi’s next film and Future Artists.

mark ashmore future artists lost generation

The Lost Generation – Director Mark Ashmore – 86min – 2014

Theatrical release tour (Still touring) Released on LOVEFILM / HMV / SAINSBURYS / AMAZON / iTunes / FA ON DEMAND

Official website

This film is directed by me! – We conceived Future Artists to be a full service film studio, we would come up with the ideas, then make them and then distribute them – and so ‘The Lost Generation’ 3 years in the making is basically the culmination of this dream – the film was financed through a mixture of Future Artists money and crowd funding, made by a production team of 12 people and a cast of about 30 – the total budget for the film was £24,000 – The film was picked up by Safecracker pictures and released in the UK into retail on Feb 17th 2014 (HMV, Sainsburys, Amazon, Lovefilm) and also on a variety of VOD platforms, via our fanbase we are touring the Film across the UK and also the USA via the TUGG network – we are so proud to have made this with our collective, and in doing so, we proved alot of nay-sayers wrong! #Indiefilmlives

So whats it about…

The film follows the journey of a girl next door called SJ, she auditions for a reality tv show called ‘The Lost Generation’, but it turns out she has to do some evil shit to win the promised 10 million pounds cash prize. What unfolds in the story is a tale of our times, how the media can potentially have control of everything and how ultimate power can corrupt, I also tried to tell the film in an entertaining and ‘new wave’ kind of way – this style has the audience and critics divided, we either get rave reviews and applauded, or we are told it sucks and they don’t get it – I guess the film will appeal to clued up liberal folks, let us know what you think? – here ive included the behind the scenes film, free to air (22 min), the VOD version (3.99 upwards) and a youtube video of myself and Victoria Connett, who plays SJ finding the film in HMV!!!

Future Artists Film School – How to make ‘THE… by futureartists


riot from wrong vs future artists


Riot From Wrong – 2012 – 60min

Theatrical Release to 65 sites, DVD and Dailymotion (56,000 views in one week)

Trailer has been viewed over 300,000 times

Riot from wrong is a very important film, and Future Artists got involved with UK Fully focused the producers of this film, who are in turn are a group of young people aged 19 to 24, who seeing how the media where portraying their estate after the shooting of Mark Duggan in August of 2011 decided to make this film.

This shooting led to the riots in Tottenham, London, which then spread to all the major cities in the UK – causing millions of pounds worth of damage and destroying the trust in the police, dividing communities.

This is a remarkable film, which I personnaly have taken around the major broadcasters (BBC, Channel 4) and have all rejected it, on the grounds it is no longer relevant (I personally think they where scared of the reaction!) – I disagree and so does everyone that see’s it – the film itself  would not look out of place if made by the BBC,

The film has solid journalism at its core, attention to detail, and gives an alternative and refreshing take on the youth of today, after watching this you will feel both empowered and very mad at the system.

Such is the following of this film and the group that made it, that while the inquest into if Mark Duggan was lawfully or unlawfully killed was at trial, UK Fully focused gained over 100,000 followers on twitter while they live tweeted the daily comings and goings of the trial –

the verdict in dec 2013 was a lawful killing of an un-armed man – this verdict divided the nation, thankfully communities did not riot – but the case, and the story of how the biggest riots in UK living memory happened is presented from a unique vantage point in RIOT FROM WRONG –

We are proud to be able to bring you the film for FREE via our Youtube partnership (please watch the ads – they earn the film-maker money!) and if you want to buy the DVD or book the film, head here

Future Artists pan play decadence


Pan, Play, Decadence – 2013 – 60min – Director Giovanni Aloi

Theatrical tour 2014/2015 – VOD

I was e-mailed the link to the trailer of this film by the director Giovanni Aloi whilst i was at Sheffield Documentary Festival – the trailer intrigued me, it was like a poem about some underground secret, a sub culture that is huge (BDSM) but nobody dares speak of it.

Up until 2013 – Future Artists had distributed quite alot of activist doc’s, films about communities empowering each other – but i felt with Pan, Play, Decadence we had the chance to break this mould and see how art, creativity and sex can empower the individual.

This is not a difficult film to market and promote, as the scene, the film relates to is massive! with millions participating globally –  although BDSM / Kinks and Fetish are very taboo in the mainstream – online, the community are enjoying and sharing this thought provoking documentary, told as a poem in their thousands –

for me, I wanted to see what happens when you take a film, with a massive online sub culture and gave them rich, well crafted content that related to their lifestyle – what happens is, is that they share it, blog about it and support it, on a scale ive never seen before, we are currently sorting out screenings and talking to a variety of platforms about a wider release – but for now, you can learn about your inner kinks here – go on, if you dare 🙂

youtube logo future artists salford

Youtube – the Future of Televsion – Produced by Future Artists – 2014

+ Our Future Artists Youtube Channel Videos (Various)


In December 2013 – Future Artists where invited to become an official Youtube partners, allowing us to work directly with the good folks at Youtube on all our future  video developments –

this partnership allows us access to workshops, training and the youtube studios in London and be at the cutting edge of online video developments – this is a really exciting move for us – we are in the early stages of developing our Youtube channel, and launched in Feb 2014 with this film ‘Youtube – The Future of Television’ starring youtubers Tim H and Jack Howard –

the film made at London’s Comic Con in November 2013 – the film shows how far behind ‘mainstream’ entertainment is when it comes to digital natives.

I often attend meetings, where I have to justify why an idea or a film we are working on / promoting will reach its intended audience, and so we made this to demonstrate how the ‘kids’ on laptops, making films outside the industry, are getting bigger audiences than anything the BFI (British Film Institute) is making –

just listen to 400 people cheer and clap when they walk on stage – its like the Beatles had arrived! –

I hope we captured something special, and this film, marks the start of our own YOUTUBE journey,  we aim to bring stories that deviate from the norm, to the masses and for free! – if you do watch any of our films – please SUBSCRIBE! and do share!

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