Future Artists Live Creative Co-op to hold a landmark creative workshop for the creative industries

by Asha

Future Artists Live Creative Co-op to hold a landmark creative workshop for the creative industries

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The Future Artists Live Creative Co-op will be holding a full day of creative workshops, seminars, screenings and happenings at the UMBRO studios on 26th March 2011 and the event runs from 10am to 7pm.

Founding member Mark Ashmore comments: “This is perfect opportunity for North West creative’s who have been jaded by the current economic climate to quit complaining and start doing. Instead of mounting the barricades and protesting, the Future Artists Live Creative Co-op is about creating a new sustainable and profitable eco system for the promotion of work and sharing of knowledge.”

The day will include a workshop by 4Talent, a lecture on the Amazing Power of Social Networks by the UK’s leading journalist on Twitter, Ian Aspin, an exclusive trailer showing of Manchester produced web series “The Sleeper Effect” as well as a number of hand-on workshops for Actors, Musicians and Film-makers.

4Talent’s workshop will be run by Head of 4Talent Jo Taylor along with Colin Campbell Austin.  Jo and Colin will talk about working with Channel 4, the scheme’s they run, what they are looking for, and how to approach them. Proving delegates a unique chance to find out how to work with Channel 4 across the media spectrum.

Jo Taylor commented: “I am delighted to be supporting Future Artists and their creative co- op event in Manchester. Our industry is changing at such a pace and I believe that we need to create opportunities for creativity, innovation and talent to be shared to create even more diverse and exciting content”

Ian Aspin is a true revolutionary from the media frontline and his lecture on the Amazing Power of Social Networks will provide an engaging insight into how the creative industries can utilize social networking to transform the media landscape.

Ian Aspin commented ‘there is a unique chance in our media history for the masses to take hold of the media for the first time, social media and events like this are enpowering to people’

To sign up for the event delegates need to visit http://www.futureartists.co.uk/ and purchase a ticket.  Tickets are £5 for members and £10 for non-members.  To become a member you simply need to join the MeetUp group which can be found at http://www.meetup.com/futureartists/


For more information please contact Mark Ashmore on 07762 563552   // mark.ashmore@futureartists.co.uk

Notes to editors

Future Artists Live Creative Co-Op was launched in January 2011, out of a need for the creative industries to become sustainable and self-serving.  The co-op is based on the industrial provenance society co-op model, this creative co-op is run for the benefit of its members.

The Future Artists Live Creative Co-op has been supported by the Co-operative Group’s ‘Creative Co-operatives UK’ Scheme

4 Talent is a Channel 4 initiative all about helping people build great futures in the media industry. People from different backgrounds and walks of life. People at different stages of their careers. People who want to be part of this evolving multi-platform business.

Ian Aspin is the UK’s leading journalist on Twitter with 90,167 followers.  Ian’s book “How to Be a Superhuman: Using the Amazing Power of Social Networks to Make a Living, Make a Life, and Make a Difference” is due September from Wiley / Capstone.

The Sleeper Effect” is a Manchester based near future sci fi/drama web series. During the crippling energy crisis, humanity has been split into three sects. Amidst the segregation, four gifted individuals become involved in events that will alter their lives indefinitely.?“The Sleeper Effect” is primarily set in 2015.

The creative industries are hugely important to Britain’s economy. According to UK government figures, they account for 10% of UK Gross Value Added, employed over 1.9 million people in 2007 and represent an estimated 157,400 businesses. The creative sector has also shown higher growth rates than other parts of the UK economy. But the sector is also highly fragmented and fast-moving, with informal skills transfer considered the best way to share the latest ideas and techniques. Co-operation, mentoring and informal collaboration are a vital part of the sector’s success.

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