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by Asha

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Step aside Hollywood. The film industry is getting a make-over, and it’s a young, revolutionary independent film company in Manchester who are leading the way, setting out to #occupymedia with The Lost Generation.

3 Years in the making, made with a collective co-op effort on a micro-budget – Future Artists debut studio picture and also debut feature directorial debut by Mark Ashmore, hits the cinema’s and all video platforms on Feb 17th 2014.

The Film is being distributed by Safecracker pictures and Future Artists and is available via (Click a link)

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“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible”


This is a quote from Frank Zappa, and the rule by which media co-operative Future Artists and their MD/film director Mark Ashmore live by. With all creative industries suffering under the grip of our current financial climate, deviating from the norm has become Future Artists’ survival method, using initiative to pioneer a new way of triumphing in the stifling media industry.


Without receiving a single penny of public or private funding, director Mark Ashmore and his team have successfully produced a full feature film, The Lost Generation, part crowd-funded, that is now touring theatrically and will be retailing world wide via iTunes, LoveFilm, HMV and Amazon among others with a release date set for 14th Feb 2014.


A little more about The Lost Generation:


Welcome to the reality TV programme with a warped and gory twist. The rules are simple: Kill your opponent; stay at the top of the leader board; win 10 million pounds.


Fail, and you’re dead.


the lost generation


Heavily influenced by true events of occupy movements and protests across the UK over the past 3 years, The Lost Generation portrays a very entertaining yet relevant depiction of our current media and society. We are invited to follow SJ – the inspirational female lead – on an epic fight for survival in a dystopian presentation of our present-day world.


The Lost Generation exists in a world governed by a corrupt media who have the police in their pocket. Able to scandalise the government at the drop of a phone, the media creates propaganda on how to live a life – and leaves desperate civilians in its wake. But there is hope. They are called The Unknown.


Imagine a world governed by entertainment companies and corporate banks, where the rule of law is just another reality TV show…

Welcome to Project Lost Generation

…So, do you want to play? Or do you want to be played?



The Lost Generation is a very intelligent, thought-provoking film with sharp dialogue and stimulating metaphors woven into its gripping and dramatic storyline. It is a film very relevant to its time, entertaining its audience whilst also demonstrating a message that will hit the hearts of our British public.


The Lost Generation is available to view online at now. To see the latest news about theatrical screenings follow Future Artists on Twitter @futureartists or request a screening near you!

Press and bookings via [email protected] via Carla Freeman.

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