The power of Twitter and Facebook is being used to create a new film about Tony Wilson.

by Rob H

Manchester filmmaker Mark Ashmore is using the social networking sites to ask people from around the world to contribute to his feature length documentary about the legendary record label owner.

“The idea is to take a group of people who have never met before and create a film that reflects Tony Wilson’s life and philosophies,” said Mark.

Mark Ashmore

“We want people from all over the world to get involved. It’s a fitting tribute that fits in perfectly with Tony’s creative spirit.”

The final film will be based on Wilson’s ideas on praxis – which he described as ‘doing something, and then only afterwards, finding out why you did it.’

Recordings of the Factory Records owner will feature throughout the film, with people on social networking sites invited to send in video footage, audio clips and pictures to make up the rest of the script.

“We’ve drafted a very basic script that we will be posting on networking sites like Twitter and Facebook,” added Mark. “Now we want people to help us create it.

“People can use whatever is avaiable to them. We’re happy for people to use their web cams instead of a high spec video camera.”

Mark is part of the Salford-based film Studio Future Artists, which will be showing the final cut of the film at FAC251 – the onetime home of Factory Records – on Friday, April 30, from 7.30pm.

A live band will also provide the soundtrack to the film on the night.

To get involved in the project, or for information on the films progress, you can follow Mark on Twitter at #fac251 or search Facebook for Project Praxis.

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