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by Asha

We ¬†stumbled across this film on one of our jaunts across the creative side of the internet, yesterday, and it perfectly sum’s up USER GENERATED content and creativity, a perfect and probably one of the best examples of re-mix culture on the net today, Future Artists are proud to introduce you to – Toy Story – the live action version!

Shot over two years, the film features all the characters, shot for shot, with the original movie soundtrack over the top, so you get the real toy BUZZ LIGHT YEAR and WOODY as puppets, its a proper DIY film, with buckets of charm, this is a true fan film, made out of pure love of the story and the characters.

I watched the full 1hr 20 minutes of this the other night (as have time of going to press, 1.5 million other people!) and its fantastic! the chase sequence at the end is a real hoot! – just enjoy it for what it is, a bit of fan made movie magic, 2 years worth of work, I just hope Disney and Tom Hanks see the artistic nature of the endeavor and allow the movie to be seen and enjoyed, as much as the film-makers enjoyed 2 years of making it.

I will post some reviews and reactions to the film, under the player, but enjoy, and please share, feedback at @futureartists on twitter.


Creative Genius Makes Full-Length Live-Action… by futureartists

Creative Genius Makes Full-Length Live-Action ‘Toy Story’

Toy Story, released in 1995, became an instant classic: Telling the story of a child’s toys come to life, it was the first feature-length animated film. It set the bar extraordinarily high for producer Pixar, which has mostly been delivering blockbusters ever since. Toy Story pulled in nearly $362 million at the box office and was nominated for three Academy Awards.

But what if Toy Story wasn’t animated, but instead shot in live-action with real toys and people? That’s exactly what YouTube user “jonasonsMovies” did.

His project, Live-Action Toy Story, combines his own footage with the film’s original audio, clocking in at one hour and 20 minutes.


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