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by Asha

Update 27/5/20 – Hi all, below is the general information all about Skank.

If you are reading this in 2020, you will know, we are in a Lockdown situation and the Theatres are closed.. but you know something, this has not stopped Clementine Bogg-Hargroves creator of Skank and Producer Mark Ashmore from being creative.

In-fact, Skank was selected for the Paris Fringe Festival 2020, and then invited to live stream on 20th of June 20h30 27th of June at 21h30 2020 – and from here, we begin a live stream tour, so if you would like to book us for your festival, or social media platform, get in touch –

We will also be going back to live performances when it is safe to do so if you would like to book this critically acclaimed one-woman comedy-drama, created and performed by the amazingly talented Clementine Bogg-Hargroves – get in touch with the shows producer today

(Please note, our Manchester dates have been moved TBC and our Brighton Festival performance has been moved to next years festival 2021)

End of update

The World is in the middle of an Existential Crisis, Climate Emergency, Brexit,… which is exactly what you don’t want to be reminded of on a cold wet January evening in a theatre above a pub in Salford! – so WE ARE EXACTLY NOT THAT! – Hey there. I’m the shows’ producer by the way… stick with us, let me give you 3 exacting sentences about the performance of SKANK! – Have a cheeky scroll down…

It’s a comedy-drama… but it’s also got some postmodern bits in it – so it’s a bit clever – you know, a bit like Fleabag clever, so if you like Fleabag and are a fan of comedians like Luisa ‘What would Beyonce do? Omielan – then SKANK is right up your street, pull up a chocolate Rolo yoghurt, flip the lid and laugh out loud!

Let me introduce you to Kate, who is the main character in SKANK, she was created by Clementine Bogg-Hargroves, and having met Clem and having seen her perform as Kate, there are definitely some similarities – they are both the same age (20 something), are both striving for a life that may or may not exist, and both appear on stage during the show! Kate likes to improv as Clem and Clem likes to act like Kate….. confused? Don’t worry, you got this, come to the show to find out!

So what’s the story, well it’s 55 minutes long, so just about long enough to not check your phone for a message from say ‘Sexy Gary’, that’s whose pants Kate’s trying to get into.

Kate’s got a vague ambition to be an award garlanded writer, an ambition that doesn’t seem to translate into any actual hard-work or action. But to be fair, between recycling this bean can and obsessing over her inevitable early death, she’s no room left to concentrate on winning the Nobel Prize for literature – Gen Z in a nutshell.

So how did Clem get here, on this stage in front of you… as a writer, actor and co-director/producer, well she’d been thinking about writing a one-woman show for long enough and it was about time she actually put pen to paper, plus she was skint. She wanted to write something in her own voice that pertained to the world as young people know it right now. 

“So I sat down and started to visualise situations I’d been in, especially ones over the last year and just watched them play out in my head until I got to a point which made me laugh or I thought: that’d be funny to show people, and I was off.”

Clementine Bogg-Hargroves, 2019

She booked in a date to perform at Hettie’s cafe in Skipton, where she once worked, which gave her just over a month to write the play, learn the play, build the set, record the voices and have massive anxiety… Luckily, her close friend Zoey Barnes came to the rescue with 2 weeks to go until showtime and stepped into directing duties.

Zoey came to do a one-off directing session and didn’t leave!
It became clear that more hands-on-deck meant more laughs. With the show already written, the two spent the next few weekends fine-tuning, cackling wildly and eating excellently prepared broccoli.

After performing SKANK at her first-ever Greater Manchester fringe and being selected as one of the BEST OF THE FRINGE, Clem was invited to perform at venues in Newcastle, Preston and Blackpool, and people have started to call it ‘The Northern Fleabag’.

Since those performances, Clem has been working with me! Mark Ashmore, the shows’ Producer.. and so we hope you can join us, support us… in return, we promise we will make you laugh, cry and recycle.

Coming to LONDON – VAULT Festival March 14th/15th
Coming to Prestons, Stanley arms April 16th
Coming to MANCHESTER – Kings Arms (4 nights) 14th-18th May
Coming to BRIGHTON Fringe

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